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Thread: Homeless??

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    Many times this past year...i have seen a group of homeless looking men hanging on the benchs on the boardwalk,,I can not remember what street...but they def looked homeless...Not stero typing by any means... but they had knapsacks with them.. and were always at the same location... did anyone else notice this?

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    I've noticed the same group of guys for the past two years,the wife and sometimes sit and watch them.Comical at times.

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    There are homeless in OC and the city does a good job of keeping tabs on them. It's sad to see though. All the money spent in that town by all of us just to have fun, while so many don't even have a roof over their heads.
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    There are more homeless in OC then you realize, especially if you only go inseason. They are amplified in the offseason due to much lesser crowds. It is mostly in the downtown area and unfortunately just like anywhere there is a high percentage of mental illness that goes along with homelessness. There are some really good Church groups that try to feed and provide shelter for these souls.

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