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Owning a condo and having a pet come along to vacation with you is okay because the pet is accustomed to the condo and used to the OC area .Basically you have your pet trained. I don't see an issue with this.

But to bring a dog to OC especially during restrictions time (May to Oct) and have them pended up in a non familiar room doesn't make a hill of beans sense.
And don't tell me you wont be out all day on the beach, shopping, eating, etc, etc because you will be and if your not than wants the point of coming to OC?

Oh and you say they''ll be at a kennel, "what's the difference".. Well you can take your dog a few times to the kennel to get accustomed to it. Majority of kennels take better care of the animals than most owners.
Yes we do beach. shop. go out..BUT we stop back about every 4 hours..to insure..our little guy is ok,,and take him out...or for a walk.... It is not a hassle at all for us to bring ours....