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    When is Senior Week

    I am planning a visit to OCMD and would like to avoid Senior Week. When is senior Week?

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    It really varies from school to school. To be saffe, I am going to say the last week of May (beginning) until the second week in June. It depends because different schools get out at different times. For most schools though, May 31 - June 7th or so is when most seniors will be there, as far as I can tell.

    Have fun

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    If you really want to avoid anyone of senior week age then it's a good idea to put off your trip until July. It seems like there are recent grads in OC until at least the end of June. Have fun when you do go!

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    My wife and I stayed during the week of June 5th to the 13th 2002, and if you want a peaceful time staying downtown, this is definately not the time to be there. Now, we are not old fuddies at all, being in our early 30's, but there was 24 hr noise for the week, except for the nights it rained. Not too relaxing, having a group of 18 or so year olds screaming outside your hotel on the boardwalk at 4 or 5 AM. Wish you luck, if you have to go this time of year.

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    If you want to keep away from the hoards of 16- 22 yrs olds that show up in OC every year then don't plan your stay between Memorial Day & July 4th.

    If you still want to enjoy OC during that time period then don't rent accommodations on the Boards or any place below 20th st. if you are looking for a little quiet. You can avoid most of the noise that way.

    Hotels/motels on the lower end who rent to the seniors really don't do alot in regards to noise control.

    The quiet time of the year is before Memorial Day and after Oct 1st.

    Have fun!

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