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    2003 OC Coupon Book is now available

    Announcement: The 2003 edition of the money saving Ocean City Family Discount Coupon Book is now available. You can order it online today.

    Click here to order.

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    Coupon Book

    Look, I am not saying that you can't get your $20 back from this coupon book [by the way I can't get the coupon list to add up to 100 and there are actually only 68 places listed, also when clicked many of the coupons don't match their category] but they could have done a little better in the Restaurant portion. The quote is "save $10 or more at some of Ocean Cities most popular restaurants". Assuming we are talking about 2 people that would like to go out and sit down for dinner the selection is weak. I count about 12 choices here. Three of these are in Selbyville, De. and one of the three, Emmings while a great place, is a takeout operation. [yes I know they have a little table by the door]. Two names we would recognize, the Green Turtle and Marina Deck are only offering $7 and $8 respectively. Considering that you have to buy 3 dozen crabs at Pipelines, and you consider chicken wings a dinner at Hooters, the list is dwindling. I wonder if the "Best Restaurants in OC forum names were compared to the coupons how many we would see listed? The coupon book does offer convenience but many of these offers can be found in the local newspapers during the season, which, of course, are free.

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    I agree with the previous poster. I have done very well using the online coupons, which are free. There are many that offer free dinners and appetizers at some of the best restaurants. Just go to the website for the actual restaurant, and you'll find many coupons. I did see a restaurant that I found interesting in the book, but when I looked more into it, I found that it was in Annapolis. If I'm going to Ocean City, I like to stay within a 30 mile radius, and I'm not sure a coupon for a restaurant in Annapolis qualifies here. It is true that if you have a bunch of people, some of the coupons would work for you, but I'm glad I got a preview before I bought it for a family of 4 with two children under 2.

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    I have purchased the cupon book but it is not as good as past ones, Several restraunts are not in it and the 65th street water park is not there. But at least I can mimi golf alot
    2 for 1.

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