Well, I must be getting old. We've been going to Cruisin weekend almost from the first year (it's been going on for 25 years now) and we've always enjoyed it. We skipped a few years when the pickups got out of hand and the kids were riding in the back, throwing water on people, and just being a general PITA. Thankfully, they aren't allowed to do that anymore, but this year it didn't stop the diesel pickups from showing up in force, along with teens and ricer cars with their bumble bee exhausts.
We got there Thursday and first checked out the Convention Center goings on. The lot was packed, not nearly as many vendors as in the past outside. Then we headed inside and were disappointed with the number and type of vendors inside as well. Not too many.
Checked into the Comfort Inn Boardwalk on 5th. This was our second time staying there and the hotel is nicer than most people would think. Clean for sure. Spacious rooms, nice size bathroom, but little counter space. We were oceanfront............and that was a mistake when it came to sleeping. Located next to Hooters! Our room's air conditioner was VERY noisy so we cooled the room down and turned it off to sleep, but we had to turn it back on to drown out the noise from outside. Hooters was rockin and rollin fairly late, and there were so many skateboarders roaring up and down till nearly 3 am every night. Horrible.

The cars were amazing as always, people were gracious when you asked about their rides, and the staff at both sites were polite and efficient. BUT the number of teens was overwhelming. Rude, pushy, riding those skateboards day and night, and they sure didn't care if you were in their road. And they were on bicycles too racing around the boardwalk, riding as fast as they could right up to people who were walking and then veering at the last second scaring people. Two kids had a surrey at the inlet on the boards in front of the Life Saving Station Museum and were pedaling it up the ramp, around the shark, then racing it down the ramp full speed making people scramble to get out of the way. I saw one police officer walking in that direction, but she was on her cell and not really paying attention. And the DOGS!!! OMG! For a place that doesn't allow dogs on the beach and boardwalk past the 1st of May, nobody got the memo! One of the cruisers had 3 golden retrievers in his car for the boardwalk parade, then had the dogs all with him at the inlet and walked them up and down the boardwalk. So many!!
Smoking ban? Uh..................okay.

There were TONS of burnouts on every corner and cops were doing as much as they could and doing it well, but couldn't be everywhere at the same time. But they were trying. I will say this............ it wasn't the cruisers that were doing the burn outs and raising hell. It was the kids in the diesel trucks and ricer type cars that were being egged on by teens throwing buckets of water onto the streets at stop lights and yelling at them to do it. The cops had a system in front of our hotel that was working very well with two cops on quads hiding around the corner, and when someone did a burn out, they nailed him. The cops were laughing and someone asked one cop if he was having fun and he said "heck yeah!" lol. They did an excellent job. I don't know if they were ticketing or just giving warnings. I did see one guy in a white Cadillac try and do a burnout and ran right into the back end of the pick up in front of him.

What else..............oh, someone put soap into the fountain at the Wine Rack around 50th St. That was pretty funny.
We parked the car on Thursday at the hotel, and didn't even try to move it till Sunday morning. So Thursday we had pizza at Three Brother's for lunch and then went to Ember's for their $17.99 senior citizen buffet. I only eat the crab legs, and if I had to pay more than that I wouldn't even bother. But for that price it was worth it.
Friday we spent at the inlet, then went to the Frog Bar for their great burgers and beer. Packed and a little wait, but the food was just as good as always. Friday night we went to Shenanigans for dinner. I had the crab dip which comes with a small loaf of crusty bread, and hubby had a steak which he said was lousy. He's had steak there before and enjoyed it, but not that night. We shared a half lb. of steamed shrimp, and to be honest, their steamed shrimp is about as good as you'll find anywhere. Really good.
Saturday's lunch was cheese pizza from Tony's for me, and an Italian Hoagie for the hubby which he said was very good. The little waitress said she "hates making those" for some reason, but was glad to hear that it was good. And we had our usual Fisher's caramel corn and some Dolle's Taffy. For dinner, we walked up to 13th St. to Adolfo's. We were the only two in there for most of the meal before another couple ventured in. Hubby and I both ordered spaghetti and meatballs and it came with a nice salad of mixed greens and veggies and a very good house dressing with crumbled cheese, and a large basket of white bread with a great crust. The spaghetti sauce was good, not overly spicy, pasta was cooked perfectly, and the meatballs (you get 2) were each the size of softballs and very tasty.
So while we didn't get to Joe's Shrimp Boat or BJ's like we planned, we were satisfied. Although, I won't be eating anything Italian for a while. lol

All in all, it was a pleasant time, but I think our time in OC is coming to an end. The kids, the noise, the kids, the rudeness, the dirty boardwalk (it was FILTHY!) the JUNK in the shops, and all of the buskers, all of it has a feeling of "been there, done that, over it" now. It might be time to find a quieter beach for us. We'll have to wait and see.