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    Quote Originally Posted by Z06RL View Post
    Paul Revere and Jonah and the Whale are both equally awful. I've had good food at Coins every time I've gone there. Green Turtle..........YUK. Dough Roller.........double YUK. Halls......thank goodness they're gone. Bull on the Beach is mediocre at best.
    Jonah and the Whale is just like Paul Revere. Just as bad but they have more seafood on the buffet. Infact, I thought they were interconnected by same owners or something. Either way, Jonah is gross and so is the Paul Revere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JSchmitz View Post
    Hmm lets see.

    Paul Revere, Coins, General Kitchen (Old Location, bad because of how dirty it was and the dust falling off all those hats) Greene Turtle, Dough Roller, Mancini's man I'm sure i'm missing a few more, all of the "tourist traps".

    DUH! OC is a place for tourist.

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    One of my favorite scenes in Ping Pong Summer is the dinner at the Paul Revere. Makes me laugh every time.

    The worst experience I ever had in Ocean City was at the crabcake factory. They opened Thanksgiving night for the Ravens 49ers game a few years ago. When I went in I said do you have any specials? Thinking maybe a Ravens drink or something. They replied with "We're open. That's what's special." So I left and went to the Greene Turtle. They had Ravens drinks and good food.

    I tried one more time at the crabcake factory and the crabcake was not very good. It had alot of filler and very little backfin.

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