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    2015 Season. What are you all looking forward to?

    Just booked our 2015 trip and I am super excited!! We usually go down for a long weekend, but I wasn't sure it would happen this year. We are getting married next fall and my future husband is a 2nd year medical student so I didn't think we would have the time/money to get away this year, but we were able to fit in a trip and it's actually a day longer than we usually go! Previously we would leave very early Friday then come home late Sunday, but we found a good price and are staying until Monday this year. I'm a big planner, so once we book I always go crazy and read tons of reviews and make a list of old favorites and new places we want to go to.

    Anyhow, just wanted to make a post out of excitement and share some stuff I am looking forward to. And hear what everyone else is looking forward to. First I am most excited to go to oc obviously! Second I would have to say Hooked. We had an amazing meal there last year and definitely plan on going back, also the Bayside Skillet, we love it there! Usually we hit an AUCE buffet but this year we might just do an AUCE crab thing instead, or at least go somewhere that offers it because he wants to have it, I don't think I would be able to eat all that crab! Oh, I am also looking forward to Fractured Prune and a few orange crushes (not at the same time ).

    "New stuff" I am looking forward to are the new breweries popping up. Last year we went to the Ocean City Brewing Company but it had just opened recently so they didn't have much and didn't have a full menu yet, so I'd like to get back there and try some stuff as we really liked what we did have. Also looking forward to trying out the Blu Crabhouse & Raw bar, I've seen some good reviews on it.

    What's everyone else looking forward to?

    edit: Almost forgot about coconut chocolate chip ice cream! With all my local ice cream places reopening for the season, I have been craving a cone from Dumsers!
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