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    Ocean City Buses

    According to the local paper the OC bus system is raising their prices!
    It will be going from $1 ride-all-day to $2 ride-all-day per person. I am not sure when the price increase will come into effect. I believe they may offer some discount rates for senior citizens(locals) and others but check with the town first.
    It is still a great deal!

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    So What Else Is New

    The bus....what have I to say? If it weren't for the great late-night rides, I'd walk during my whole vacation. The service isn't as fast as advertised, but you meet some cool people on the bus. The hike on the pay isn't bad..I mean what is 2 dollars compared to 1? Nothing to be worried about everyone..

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    OC Bus

    $2 is still a great deal. I think you meet more interesting characters on the bus than anywhere else, especially during the busy season when people practically are sitting on your lap. I especially enjoy the drunks, thats good reality entertainment.

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    Originally posted by stacels:
    $. I especially enjoy the drunks, thats good reality entertainment.
    Oh yes. The infamous Drunks on the OC bus!
    I remember one year somebody stepped on one of those glass stink bombs and everyone got off on the next stop even the driver LOL.

    Even at 2 dollars it's nothing compared to what you'd pay in D.C. I used to live in Montgomery County and even then in the 80's the bus was like a dollar...dollar and twenty five each way.


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