Think twice before visiting ocean city Maryland. The beaches are extremely dirty, the crabs are of poor quality, most of the hotels are run down filthy & nasty, and the police are always looking to ticket tourists to pull in revenue. I literally saw five cop cars back to back ticketing people. Also, the crime rate is high, especially vehicle break-ins. If you think you will have a peaceful nights sleep, think again, honking horns throughout all hours of the night, even if you are not near the boardwalk. Ocean city is a joke not a real vacation destination spot to take your family. If you see the commercials advertised on TV, it is because the city is desperate to pull in money. It is a tourist trap looking to take your money. There are plenty of other beaches around. Take my advice and stay away from Ocean City, the poor mans vacation hole. You'll end up having more unrealized expenses and leave dissatisfied with regrets. Just spend a little bit more time researching for a better vacation spot.