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Thread: Dew Tour

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    Dew Tour

    Who all have been to OC while the Dew Tour was in town? Did you attend any events? Any impressions on the crowds, venues, etc?

    I have been on vacation in OC twice when the Dew Tour was in town and I've gone to a few events. As a child of the early/mid 80s when skateboarding really started to take off, I was interested in the "Legends Competitions" which was comprised of all the skaters I knew as a kid. I was amazed that a lot of them were still skating in the late 40s. My older son is 14 and is into skating so he enjoyed the events as well.

    As far as the crowds, I was initially concerned because, when I was growing up, skateboarders were viewed as outcasts and often got themselves into trouble for destroying property, etc. This couldn't have been further from the truth. Not only were the competitors very accessible to the fans but the kids that attended the events and concerts were friendly, respectful and I never saw any problems or issues with behavior during the events.

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    Britt, Nice summary. I was at the Dew Tour ast year and agree with all your points. If I could have made the logistics work this year, I would have been back. It is a great event.

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