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    Jul 2005
    Sand Dollars
    Quote Originally Posted by highball View Post
    Dean---Don't understand your comment???
    You've been saying it since it launched... nothing happens.

    Everybody else complains about it NOW, and it gets fixed -instantaneously.

    (Said Jokingly) It's like you were being ignored.

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    Senior Member bar2008's Avatar
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    Feb 2009
    Dover, PA
    Sand Dollars
    Quote Originally Posted by Z06RL View Post
    Now if I could just get an answer about the Sand Dollars! LOL
    As Jesse Jackson would say....Keep hope alive
    common sense is not so common

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    Sep 2010
    Sand Dollars
    Dean---I guess you didn't read me the way I meant it. Your post was like this is something "NEW"..... My only point was that it's been like this for a long time. I never felt that I was being ignored----but if someone wants to thats fine with me!

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