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    Took this off their Facebook page.

    "There are only two days left to renew your reservation, please call, email message me, anything, i hate for anyone to lose their spot when they still want it
    RESERVATION DEADLINE! It is the end of the month and as i attempt to get everyone into their slots and help all of our new families trying to stay there i just want to make sure everyone that is returning from last year has contacted me. As of February 1st, all units are up for grabs! To all my folks that i've been in contact with that are on the waiting list, please bare with me, i'm trying to get it all in place so i can contact you. I promise, i haven't forgotten...i'll be in touch shortly. Thanks so much everyone! Looking forward to another great year!"

    ...So are we supposed to believe that a hotel - that had such little business last summer - that they had to resort to allowing cameras to come in and expose their grossly outdated rooms, total lack of business skills, and ridiculous family drama, is now not only getting flooded by calls for future reservations, BUT ALSO, that they are obviously turning away these callers, based on an assumption that past guest MIGHT want to return this year? Really??

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    Please "bare" with me? ROFL! Everybody take your clothes off!

    I think the statement "As of February 1, all units are up for grabs" is really telling. To me, it sounds like they're going to have a lot of empty rooms. Especially if they're posting on FB as a means of contacting previous and interested renters! Bad way to do business.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Z06RL View Post
    Please "bare" with me?
    No wonder they're full.

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