I've lived in Ocean City, for 13 yrs. and have tried ALL the carpet cleaners!! I always said, "if someone wanted to start a good business, they should start a carpet cleaning business, because NONE in the area are good!" Well, Joe, at CARPET DADDY'S must have heard me! Though they've been in the Deleware area, for many yrs., I think they're fairly new to the Ocean City area. I called them because I found a coupon, they arrived on schedule and spent 2 HOURS doing our town home! It looks like they spent 2 hours! The BEST I've ever had! While they were here, another carpet cleaning co. arrived to do my neighbors and spent an entire 20 minutes! I'll bet it looks like a 20 minute job, too!! I believe in giving credit where it's due, and it's definitely due to CARPET DADDY'S. I highly recommend them!! (No, I'm NOT related to them, and DON'T work for them!!)