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Thread: Weeks vacation

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    Weeks vacation

    We have a condo in OC and go down about once a month for a weekend,,and a week in season. We were down last week..and I would like to make some general comments.

    Had great weather,,one rainyday.. Great days for the beach. We like Crab Alley and go for their HH at least 2 times. Had great food, great service.. Following tradition of about 5 years. we got a 1/2 buscel of their #1 crabs as a treat for our son. Well we got them back to the condo..only to find about 12 med-large ones all the rest were small...I suggested we take them back,,,but they said,,no..we had all had a few beers, and didnt want to drive back out to Rt 50. ... We went to Crab Alley 2 days later for HH and went to mention about the crabs. The manager told us... We should have brought them back,,,they would have given us "better" ones well if that was the case.... why would they not have given us "better" ones to start with? Kind of soured out opinion of them..and wont be getting them there again..which i did tell the manager..who seemed not really to care about it.

    We went to MR ducks later in the week,,had great service,,went to Pickles Pub, had great time and great service..Went to Seacrets 3 times during our stay,,had great food, great service, great time. all 3...

    Wanted to go out for Breakfast on Thursday for a treat.(we normally eat breakfast in condo).. went to Big Peckers on 73 st..only to find they dont open till 9;00?? Kind of late.... we didnt want to wait,,so we went to Generals Kitchen. no wait, got a table..waitress came over. said "coffee?" we said sure,,,she came back,,said "ready" we said yes. NO other conversation at all.Brought our food,which was very good.,filled our coffee..dropped off our bill.. . came by later,,i asked for a refill, she acted like she didnt want to get it...but she did...I had to ask the busboy for a box. Needless to say on a $20.00 breakfast bill.she got $2.00...sorry but a little more personality would have gotten her a larger tip..I waitress, So i know what is expected...

    All in all we had a great week,,,took grandkids to Assateague, only to get there too late for visitor center,,,But did see lots of horses.!!

    Went to Jolly Rodgers,,they had a blast.!!

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    Re: Weeks vacation

    Glad to hear that you had a decent time in OC

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    Re: Weeks vacation

    Glad you too had a good week. One of the great things about OC is if you don't like one place there are plenty of others to fill the void. As far as crabs I really like bahama mamas. I never have had an issue with the crabs.


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