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Thread: This Weekend...

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    This Weekend...

    Well I finally get my first trip to OC for the season this weekend. We are leaving Thursday after work and heading home on Sunday. I will be sure to update everyone on the food excursions that we venture on. This is the first beach trip for my 6 month old so the food choices might not be as exciting as usual. I did have a question if anyone cares to give an opinion, we cannot decide on where to eat Friday night. We kinda have it narrowed down to Catch 54, Liquid Assets, and Just Hooked. Please feel free to tell me what you think. We are staying up at 141st St. and that is why we are trying to stay in the area up there. Also we will have the little one so I am hoping that all of those choices are accommodating to an infant as this is my first experience in OC with a baby along. Pray for nice weather everyone

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    Hope you have great weather. It's great you can take your 6 month old, you should get some OC scopes with the baby, I'm 40 now & I actually still have some from when I was a baby that my parents had taken in Ocean City & I love that I have them, just a thought, start the love of OC early Looking forward to reading your reviews. Sorry I can't help on the restaurants with a little one since I don't have one, I think you should be good wherever you decide to go though.

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    Had a fantastic meal at Just Hooked in September. I have never been to Catch 54, but I would love to read a review.

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    Kirk, you know I'm a big fan of BOTH Liquid Assets, & Just Hooked. That being said, I really don't think you can go wrong with your 6 month old in tow... Just hooked as you know is probably more (being they sport a kids menu) family friendly, not that it will matter much to your baby, but YOU might feel more comfortable in that particular setting. Although depending on how you hit it, LA has some unconventional seating which could provide you with more room.

    Just flip a coin!

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