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    Sponsor wanted for Irish Man Looking to work in Ocean City

    Is there anyone out there who is willing to give a 21 year old man a job for the summer and is willing to sponsor him.
    All his friends are heading to America,Canada and other places for the summer but unfortunately my son isn't a student and is out of
    work in Ireland and he is finding it very hard to get someone to give him a chance without having experience. He will be 21 in March of this year
    and the best Birthday Present he wants is to get a job. He loves fishing and he was hoping to get a job on the fishing trawlers,but if there is anyone who is willing to give him a chance for the summer months he will be willing to do what ever is available. He is a strong and hard worker. He was a volunteer for the Irish Navy for the past 3 years and got a lot of experience working as a team player.

    Hope someone out there can help me


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    Check out the answers on your other posts

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