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    Re: 2010 Dining Report

    Thanks for all the reviews, as we are always looking for new places to try. We always do Anthony's on 17th (30+years), but will have to try Anthony's Beer and Wine. Gotta try De Lazy Lizard from your review, Dean.

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    Re: 2010 Dining Report

    I love this site This is the first time our family of 4 is going together (boys are 3) and I definitely want to know what kind of food to expect-I'm the type who always goes to a restaurant's website b4 I visit to dissect the menu

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    Re: 2010 Dining Report

    We were down again from Aug.12th - 17th (missing it already) with some friends. Not a whole lot to report. I didn't get to try de Lazy Lizard (I was out-voted). Two places I tried and liked were Captain's pizza and subs (133rd st. I think) and Big Pecker's. We wound up ordering from Captain's 3 times during our stay. First time they screwed up my sub and I got a regular cheese steak (which I don't like red meat too much) instead of the chicken cheese steak I ordered. Luckily, I was able to trade my sub for a chicken parm with one of my friends and the sub was very good. Second time was a late-night 3 am pizza order, wasn't bad, could have used more cheese though, average. Third time I finally got my chicken cheese steak. It was very good and I also had some cheese fries which were decent. Big Pecker's was good, we all split mozzarella sticks and crab dip which were good. I had the grilled chicken breasts with swiss and bacon which came with fries and everyone else went for the taco salad. Everyone seemed content with their dinner as was I too. Nothing too spectacular this time around. We opted for convenience a lot this trip with having a few friends along.

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    Re: 2010 Dining Report

    The Shark on the harbor is awesome!!

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    Re: 2010 Dining Report

    I tell everyone to go there! The food and service is always fantastic and the view is pretty nice as well.

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