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    2010 Dining Report

    Ok, as per usual I'm posting my dinning report for the week of the 4th.
    As most of the senior members of this forum will know, the report
    includes dinners for my wife and I & our 4 kids, consisting of 18
    & 17 year old daughters, a 16 year old son and a 6 year old son.
    I'll try to keep it brief (yea right) but informative, and as always, like it or not
    my reports our my honest opinions - they may differ greatly from yours but that's why this is "MY" dining report.

    July 3rd. The Captains Table - My family and I have long
    been waiting the return of this restaurant because it was one of our
    all time favorites. The feel of the place is a lot different then the
    original restaurant, the charm of the old place is pretty much lost in
    the modern decor, but at the end of the day it comes down to food
    quality, and on this note they hit it almost perfectly. we stared out
    with an appetizer of calamari that was fried just right salads both
    garden & Caesar homemade dressings and were all good.I had the Crab
    cakes, they were good but not great, they were full of crab but wet. Wet, to
    the point that I would call it crab imperial for lack of a better term.
    My wife had a scampi style dish with scallops and shrimp and a scampi
    butter on the side, the kids ordered a new york strip steak for my son,
    and both daughters got a dish that was a fried chicken breast topped
    with shrimp in a white garlic sauce, my 6 year old son ordered the kids
    fish (fried halibut). I tasted them all and other then my crab cake all
    were winners! I really want to point out this kids fish order it was 4
    huge pieces of hand breaded halibut, that could have easily fed an
    adult. The reason I feel this is worth mentioning is that most people
    with kids may steer clear of here, but as far as kids meals go, this was
    the best combo in portion & quality I seen in my 9 days in town.

    4th DaVinci's by the Sea - This has become a tradition of ours, every
    4th we eat dinner here. Never had a bad meal this time was no exception,
    I had the gypsy pasta, which is shrimp over pasta with artichoke
    hearts, and olives in a tomato wine sauce (yep tasted as good as it
    sounds) wife had the lobster ravioli and the kids all had cheese
    ravioli, had calamari & blue crab ravioli for appetizers all of
    which were excellent. the unlimited house salad was good as always, we
    used the coupon for the free canolli for deserts and we were stuffed and
    very satisfied.

    July 5th Dead Freddies - After all the talk
    about this place on the board ya know I was going to try it... I had a
    crab cake sandwich, wife had seafood quesadilla's, kids had some
    burgers, a buffalo chicken wrap a a corn dog for the 6 yr old, served in
    a frisbee (just like Fishtales) for appts we had fried mozzarella, and
    crab fritters, both appts. and the meals were very good - except my crab
    cake... now I know if you order these in 10 different places and you get 10
    different recipes (and I actually LIKE that fact) but this cake had more
    then it's share of filler. I was very shocked by this considering that
    even though this is a new place for OC, they've been doing this for a
    while in Baltimore. I expected better. I would/ will go back but won't
    order the crab cakes unless I find out they took it back to the drawling
    board between now and then.

    July 6 De Lazy Lizard - Before I
    left for OC there were some real mixed reviews on this place, Terp84,
    liked it, couple other people didn't so I was kinda on a fence on whether
    to go or not, until I spoke with Ann from party nites at
    Conner's sail loft - where my 6 yr old had the lucky hand and won us 3
    great door prizes!!! - Ann said that the place was good so that sealed
    the deal for us. We walked over to the Lizard from Conner's and got
    seated right away at a table right next to the water... yea it was rough
    cut wood and sitting in the sand, but ya know what? I was absolutely
    GOOD with that! It's an island themed restaurant people, get over it! If
    you want a white table cloth go to Reflections. Now onto the food. I
    had the soft crab sandwich, wife had the crab cake sandwich, kids
    ordered a burger, a chicken salad, coconut shrimp, and a corn dog. For
    appts we had calamari with a sweet& sour chili sauce (excellent) and
    an order of the fried mozzarella which are like huge logs of REAL
    mozzarella hand breaded, best I've ever had ANYWHERE. My crab sandwich
    was perfect, a huge softshell on a kaiser roll. the coconut shrimp my
    daughter had were also fabulous, and the crab cake my wife had was out
    of this world good!!! THIS is the way a crab cake should be! no filler
    all thriller. I would put this cake up against any other in town. Huge
    lumps of meat that hold together by very little and seasoned just right -
    Dead Freddies need to come down here and steal the recipe. outstanding
    food, and service, we will deffinently be back, this place IS a winner!

    7 Micky Fins - Ok this one is going to stir things up a bit... We
    walked in and was greeted by the hostess that asked us where we wanted
    to sit. Because we sat up top last time (a year ago) we opted to do it
    again. When they gave us the menu we were all kind of perplexed very
    limited just a front and back single sheet of laminated paper. No
    sandwiches??? We know that it is under new management but this still was
    odd, so we asked the waiter who told us that they aren't allowed to
    serve sandwiches outside, that you can only order them from the inside
    menu down below, but he would "sneak" us a sandwich for the kids but to
    try and not let any of the other patrons see it... this wouldn't be hard
    considering there was only 2 other families eating up here at the time.
    ok ,so we stayed and ordered off the limited menu, which got us in
    further financially then I expected that evening, but whatever. The food
    that we did order was all good, but the experience itself left a bad
    taste in our mouths. I have been a boater my whole life, and been to
    countless boating restaurants and NEVER heard of anything so ass
    backwards!!! you can't order sandwiches????? are you kidding me? IF
    anything you'd think it would be the other way -sandwiches outside only.
    I also want to point out there were 3 other families that came in after
    us sat down looked at the menu and got up and left! not back down
    stairs to the indoor seating - out the parking lot to another
    restaurant! I have no problem with dress codes or fine dining, but
    sitting out in the sun on a plastic chair, with the wind blowing my
    paper napkin away unless I tuck in under my plastic cup is NOT fine
    dining. Sorry.

    July 8 Pino's Pizza - The pizza is good I really
    liked the sauce and the cheese wasn't the cheap stuff either. We got
    take out and took it to Northside park to eat before we went crabbing.
    We had one of the meal plans (not sure which one it was now...) but it
    fed everyone for under $50 which was a good deal to me.

    July 9
    Cactus Cafe - We went here based off of Montegoman's suggestion. Good
    Call! Excellent mexican food! Home made salsa, with lots of fresh
    cilantro (just the way I like it) and the dinners were winners too! I had
    the seafood enchiladas which were packed with shrimp and scallops, the
    same could be said for my wife's chimichanga. the kids all had chicken
    quesadillas. I would say this place could go toe toe w/ Tequila
    Mockingbird as far as food quality goes. Oh and the best partwas it came to around $70!

    July 10 The Shark - I know people probably hate reading another review
    of mine on how great The Shark is so if you don't want to read another
    skip it now. This place was on point as always! I had the Mako topped
    with the largest lumps of crab I have ever seen, wife had the crab
    cakes, kids all wanted burgers ( I couldn't believe it either ) for
    appts we had calamari and the humus sampler. My wife and I both got wine
    samplers, which consist of 3 glasses of different wines hanging on a
    tree that they place on the table (looks very impressive), she had the
    white I had the red. Everything was perfect in every way I don't know
    how else to describe it... we shared 4 desserts, all were out of this
    world. If I could only go to one restaurant in OC, this would be it,
    hands down.

    July 11 Sunset Grille - Like the Shark I've wrote many good reviews
    about this place as well, and this time is no exception. I had the
    seafood alfredo, wife had the tempura battered lobster, cant' remember off hand what the kids got right now... we did have the crab dip, and guacamole for appts and everything was on the money as always with this place. Also worth noting that every time we've been here we've had different servers and after every meal I feel impressed with how friendly the staff here is... it's a true testament to the management.

    July 12 Harborside - Another tradition, we always stop here on our way
    home for lunch.I had the flounder sandwich, wife had coconut shrimp, kids had a grilled
    chicken salad, burger, club sandwich and chicken tenders. My flounder
    sandwich was the best I've had other then making it myself at home -
    fried golden brown and hanging off the bun! everyone else was very
    satisfied with their food as well, but truthfully I think they like this
    place for the orange crush cake. I could probably just order them one
    whole one and skip the lunch all together!

    Ok that's my July report might have helped some people might have made
    others mad but that's the way it goes...

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    Re: 2010 Dining Report

    thanks as always DeanM for the complete and descriptive Dining Report. I really look forward to it every year!

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    TraceyH TraceyH's Avatar
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    Re: 2010 Dining Report

    Nice job Dean. I am glad you enjoyed the pizza and gave us a try. More customers should leave their feedback so owners can see how they are doing and what needs improvement! Respect the customer and respect the business!

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    Re: 2010 Dining Report


    Your dining report is like an annual tradition in this forum. I am amazed every year how you not only are able to describe, in detail, your meals, but how you remember what everyone else ate as well, especially since you go to so many restaurants. Thanks to the report, every time I read it I feel like I'm sitting at the table with the "M" family.

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    Re: 2010 Dining Report

    Nice work. I'm writing mine up from our trip. Should I post it here or start a new thread?

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    Re: 2010 Dining Report

    I vote you post it here.

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    Re: 2010 Dining Report

    Thanks Dean! After reading your report on de Lazy Lizard I am going to make it a must this year on one of my next trips down. I'm also very interested in The Shark as well, another place I have been wanting to try.

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    Re: 2010 Dining Report

    Thanks for the great update Dean. I always enjoy reading about other's trips. It sounds like you guys had a great trip, if only they could last longer. You really have me thinking of adding the new Captains Table to our list for this year. Only three more weeks for us. This year will be a little different, my inlaws are coming too.


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    PhillyPhan PhillyPhan's Avatar
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    Re: 2010 Dining Report

    Heck I cant even remember what I had yesterday. I like almost all your choices....thanks!

    Nice Review!!

    PS...Do you spend one week a year in Ocean City or do you visit more often??

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    Senior Member DeanM's Avatar
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    Re: 2010 Dining Report

    Thanks everyone.

    I was sort of on a fence this year as whether or not to post it - we have a lot of new members and wasn't sure if it would be met with the same enthusiasm that it has over the last 5 years... then VitiminJ put me on the spot in another thread so I figured I better do it at least one more time.

    Fidobuster, that kinda feed back is why I keep posting it every year...Once nobody replies anymore I'll know it's ran it's coarse

    Tracey, Steering folks in the direction of a good meal & getting the owners on the same page as the patrons - that's what it's all about.

    Britt, you'd enjoy sitting at the table with the "M family" - my teenagers are really good kids that like to have fun, you'd laugh the whole time. And my then 6, now 7 year old son is learning from them fast! They are something else, I think they are a huge reason why we almost never get bad service anywhere,... they have a way of really making the waitstaff interact with us.

    Terp, I'll enjoy reading your reviews where ever you decide to post them.

    Mike, be sure to let us know how the Lizard & Shark rates with you if go.

    Brian, I know you're into oysters, and I can't guarantee you they'll be on the menu at The Captains Table when you get there but if they DO have them I don't think you'll be sorry.

    Philly, We go to OC every year for the 4th and stay for a week or a little longer. Sometimes we are able to have a year when we pull off a long weekend also - this past year we spent Easter in OC and I could really see this becoming the norm for us.

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