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    Things for a 13 year old to do

    I've been to Ocean City a few times and ended up going to Jolly Rogers (that was fun). Can anyone recommend other things I can take a 13 year old to do. I stuumbled across a place where he can do ziplines. That looks fun. Has anyone done that? What did you think? Thank you.

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    Re: Things for a 13 year old to do

    I have not done the Jolly Roger ziplines myself, but they look great. They take about 20 to 30 minutes to go through. My teenage kids will likely do them this year.

    Some other options:

    Go Carts - Two sets of tracks in West Oc right of route 50.

    Kayak Trip - Ayers Creek and other outfitters do a great job.

    Trimper's Rides or Jolly Roger at the pier at the south end of the boardwalk.

    LaserTag at Planet Maze

    and of course the beach and boardwalk!

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    Re: Things for a 13 year old to do

    The beach, parasailing, rides/arcades on the boardwalk, mini golf,...

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    Re: Things for a 13 year old to do

    Trimpers Amusements offers an armband. You'll have to double check the hours but I believe it runs from about noon to 6pm on weekends. He will get enough riding in to be sick of amusement rides for the rest of the vacation. The armband includes all of the inlet rides, the bumper cars indoors and the haunted house. Worth every penny of it. You can also normally find a $1 or $2 coupon in many of the Ocean City books and papers around the Boardwalk.

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    Re: Things for a 13 year old to do

    Ripley's Believe It or Not at the Pier Building offers a ton of exhibits for children of all ages to enjoy.

    Baja Amusements on Route 50 in West OC is a good spot for a 13 year old since they offer mini golf (they had a play all day price at one time, but I'm not 100% sure if that's the case now) as well as go-karts.

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    Re: Things for a 13 year old to do

    Boardwalk arcades and the some of the rides are pretty good rollercoster is great


    get him a his own bougyboard you can get nice ones for 25 bucks now if you go down every year its worth it

    OC is pretty safe during the day maybe give him a budget and let him take the bus and see whats around

    i used to like biking on Costal highway in the morning if you guy can take your own bikes down

    you can go for a ride and get breakfast some where

    TONS of mini golf around

    KITE LOFT! get him a good stunt kite the give free lessions with it ~70 bucks but TONS of fun for years i still have one i got when i was 11 from there im 30 now they lest so dont let the price hit you to hard and the Kite Loft can repair damaged kits at a lot cost

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