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    The OC Daily grind

    The OC Daily grind is a coffee shop that is right next to Fischers popcorn on Talbot street. Going there is one of my daily routines when I'm in OC and starting my day out there is something I really enjoy. I was in OC this past weekend and the shop was closed. Now if anyone on here knows Barb (the owner and sole employee) you know that it practically takes an act of God for her not to open the shop( I think Thanksgiving and X-mas are her only official days off). I talked to the very nice people in the shop next to the coffee shop and they told me that Barb was in the hospital and is very sick. If anyone on this forum has any updates on Barb and doesn't mind posting them I would greatly appreciate it.

    Get well soon Barb!!

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    Re: The OC Daily grind

    I haven't heard, sorry to hear and hope all is ok.

    I will ask around. OC is filled with a cast of characters that can be simply familiar faces we see around town over the years to familiar people we have developed a strong relationship via a personal routine we all have with others over the years. One thing is the town rallies around their own so I will ask around, it's still a small community.

    Hope all is well with her.

    Sorry to hear and will report back if I hear anything.

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