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Thread: Pizza, Yummmmmm

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    Re: Pizza, Yummmmmm

    At one time Tonys had the best pizza then they forgot how to keep the place clean. That joint is filthy.

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    Re: Pizza, Yummmmmm

    It seems to me that after Tony's started marketing that ocean deck (or what ever they call that) roof top dining. that the place went down hill. I'm not sure if they cheapened up the product to pay for upstairs, but the pizza is not the same as it was 15 years ago.

    And... yea, those bathrooms could use a re-do! .....or just plain cleaned.

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    Re: Pizza, Yummmmmm

    Quote Originally Posted by HeatherM84

    I say Tony's has great pizza I only tried Tony's and Dough Roller and compared to the dough roller I love Tony's. to me its less greasy like dripping in grease compared to the roller which one time I had to keep patting the pizza with napkins to get the oil and grease up.

    this year I am venturing off and trying new places plus tony's
    Uh oh. Beware of the hate mail and PM's not to mention other cyber stalking by someone from here for not liking the Dough Roller. I see that he already gave you a "thumbs down" for it.

    On a serious note Heather, you should give Pino's a try. Owned and operated by our very own TraceyH and her husband.

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    Re: Pizza, Yummmmmm

    Oh no... we have a Dough Roller ghost? I've been here for a year, how could I not know that??

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