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    Lights and Signs

    I know it's probably a dumb thing to gripe about but I was just wondering if anyone else on here felt the same way. I think there should be some kind of enforcement in place that would keep businesses on top of their signs. I saw so many neon signs that were half-lit or partially lit as well as other signs that either had holes in them or faded. I'm just saying there should be a time to repair limit. I saw some signs this year that were half lit or barely lit last year. I know it will never happen but I just feel part of the charm of driving through Ocean City is seeing all the blinking lights and neon signs and when multiple businesses don't repair them it gives it sort of a dumpy feel. On a side note, not saying they don't keep up on the new sign but I always liked the old Gold Coast Mall sign with the chasing lights better than the plain newer one (I guess it might have been cheaper that way). Basically, I'm just saying I think it makes the whole experience better when things look the way they should (yes I'm talking about you Jolly Roger sign on the boards that has been half lit for years).

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    Re: Lights and Signs

    I agree. I have always liked the Oasis car wash sign tho! Its nice looking!

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