Well, this was now our 4th year staying here, and I'm starting to think maybe I should only stay here every other year or something.... Either that or maybe only post on the years that I have BAD experiences???

They actually did make a few updates to the place since last year, but some of the things that go on there just blow my mind. Let's start with the TV's both in the living room and bedroom the TV's are OLD, also no dvd player, and an outdated vhs player (can you even buy tapes anymore???). The walk in shower as nice as it is with the 3 shower heads and all still grossed me out when I seen the black mold on the tile and the caulking around the outside. The House Keeping (for lack of a better term) flat out SUCKS! They never cleaned the shower in 9 days! How do I know you ask? Well, I set them up by leaving a wash cloth that fell on the floor in the shower - I told everyone in my family to leave it there. It was still there after the first nite, and yep, you guessed it! it was right there ALL WEEK!!! If that wasn't bad enough some days we only received 3 towels - kinda an issue when there are 6 people staying in the room - other days we got towels with no wash cloths, and/or no hand towels.... and they have the nerve to put an envelope in your room expecting a tip? AFTER we paid $500.00 a nite to stay there???????? yea...that'll happen. BTW when I say AFTER we paid $500.00 a nite I truly DO mean "after", because the wanted the room paid for up front, when we checked in! Now you have to remember I already paid them $1000.00 up front back in 09 to hold the reservation, when I checked in I only had $2000.00 cash on me so I gave them all that, still not satisfied they wanted a card number for any additional room charges we might make. No problem but I informed them not to charge anything to it because we would be paying cash for the balance. Now you have to keep in mind at this point I've already paid $3000.00 in CASH and still don't even have a room key yet! I'm not sure if they are having problems with people stiffing them or not but we stayed at 5 other Holiday Inns in the past 8 months and not one of them required any payment before hand - not a one of them... Then to boot they didn't charge the balance to the card but they DID however put a hold on the account for the rest of the money owed, which could have been really bad if you had other bills waiting to clear in that account. AND the only way we knew that was because my wife finally was able to connect to their so called wireless internet service (via a Ethernet cable from the front desk) and checked her bank account.

Then you got the pool situation - Gone are the good lifeguards they've had in the past, replaced by a some young girls who never blow a whistle at the kids and sit there spaced out playing with their hair meanwhile children are doing whatever the feel like. Someone is REALLY going to get hurt here.

Then you got the waitstaff at the pool asking the ages of kids before they serve the kids meals. The policy is kids eat free when you stay at the Holiday Inn. So what difference does it make really???

Now on too the wrist bands, what a joke! Nobody is wearing em, and only one time did they go around checking in the 9 days we were there! So you're paying all this money to stay there can't get a seat at the pool and you have no idea whether the people sitting in the chairs are REALLY staying there or if they are renting a broom closet across rt 50 bridge, and just decide to camp out at your pool for the day. Speaking of the chairs, you got all these chairs and everybody is standing in line ready to fight for one under one of the 3 or 4 umbrellas, and this happens 7 days a week in the summer - think maybe we should have more umbrella's? Maybe??

I no that nobody from the hotel or the Harrison group cares at all about any of this, I just would really like to see them use all the thousands of dollars I gave them this year towards buying some flat screens, or umbrellas or some wash cloths... I don't know, something...

In the big picture of our vacation these problems were definitely not enough to ruin our vacation in anyway shape or form. Also I'm not saying that I will not stay there in the future. However for 500 bucks a nite it shouldn't be anything less then perfect.