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    Re: 10 New Posts

    I knew all those tricks Michael and it still didn't work. The 10 new posts showed up immediately after I read all the new posts that I had not read up to that date. In other words, it was simply a glitch. I went through each and every page of each and every post, just to make sure they weren't hidden. I still never found them. I eventually just had to click the button that marked all posts as "read". Thanks for trying though.

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    Re: 10 New Posts

    Is anybody else having this? When I open the forum and click on recent posts, I get posts, blogs, and images! It would be soooooo much nicer if there were tabs at the top . One for forum posts, one for blogs, and one for images. That way I wouldn't have to scroll through Coins dozen images or all the bloggers to get to the actual forum posts. That was one of the best things about this forum was that it was just posts. And while I like to read the blogs, I hate having to scroll past them to get to the new posts. And the deluge of images recently has really set me off. Lovely pictures, but they should be in a seperate tab.

    Okay, rant over.

    Carry on. :P

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