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    Done! Rented a condo on 42nd street, block from beach looks very nice and affordable. Choices were between 42nd, 50th and 100 plus.... How well did I score?
    What units are you staying in? In my opinion, anything below 50th street is pretty close- It is only a 5-10 minute drive to the inlet with traffic- less if none. (Every unit can be different depending on decoration, and upkeep- hopefully you got a good one!)

    Make sure to Check out Seacrets if you are a first time visitor (49th street and the bay- just for the experience- (at night if you have someone to watch the kids)- or stop over for lunch during the day if they are with you- they have a bunch of tables in the water, and on the beach (under the palm trees).

    Also the Satellite Coffe shop is on about 46th street, and is one of the best places for breakfast (also on 24th). And since you have little ones, make sure to rent a (Surry?) car on the boardwalk (I think you have to be off the boardwalk by 10:00 or 11:00 AM- so go down early one morning (Eden Roc Motel on 20th street and would be close- and is on the upper end of the boardwalk).

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    Quote Originally Posted by beachstar View Post
    Done! Rented a condo on 42nd street, block from beach looks very nice and affordable. Choices were between 42nd, 50th and 100 plus.... How well did I score? We tried r darnedest to stay on the boards either very expensive or dates taken. Considering this was last minute what do u think?

    Sorry for the dumb questions but I'm going to be writing a book soon "Idiots Guide to OC" ....LOL
    - What's around this area?
    - R we really that far from the boardwalk?
    - Any nice malls or grocery stores near by?
    You Scored good. I have no idea how much the condo cost you, but a block back on 42nd street could easily be 1/2 the price of a condo oceanfront on the boardwalk. It may not be excately where you were originaly aiming for, but you also don't want to be so strapped from the price of the room that you can't go out and enjoy the town of OC.

    (truth be known if you are having a good vacation, the time spent in the room will be minimal anyway)

    You are staying in about the mid town area, you will most likely have to drive or take the bus to go most places. Jolly Rogger amusement park is about 10 blocks south of where you are, you could easily walk there.

    You are 14 bocks away from the boardwalk, but that really means nothing, because most of the action of the boards is at the southern end, so you'll need to drive there.
    (the boardwalk is like 3mile long)

    Have a great vacation and tell us about it when you get back.

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    I can't say how nice the condo is until I actually see it. From pictures looks really nice with 2 beds to 2 baths, beautiful kitchen sleeps 7 oceanblock. Was very hard decision, there just so many condos and hotels to choose from.

    I read a lot of posts on hotel/condo reviews here and @ tripadvisor but u never see how much they paid for the room. For the curious it cost us aprx $1175 but with tax and other fees came closer to $1300. Just our luck we chose the most expensive week of the summer to stay in OC.

    Price wise I think it was good considering how big the place is compared to a hotel room. Hotels were quoting us between $1650-$2000 mostly without a kitchenette that sleeps 4. Other condos were more expensive and further away than 42nd street. Hopefully it was a good decision time will tell.

    Came across a fantastic live camera feed @
    If you click on the Inlet link and zoom out you can see cars coming in and out of the parking area. I noticed you can drive right in the parking lot but need to pay on ur way out. Exactly how does that work? R u given a stub before entering otherwise how do they tell how long u stayed? Or is there a standard rate?

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    Beachstar, welcome to the forum. The best dang Ocean City, MD forum around. Have a great time in O.C.!

    Speaking as a father of three (2, 4, 7), for future trips, I highly recommend giving the oceanfront boardwalk location a try. As others have said, it's just so convenient to everything you need, if you have kids. Leave the car (for most of the time) in the parking space and it's just "beach and boards, beach and boards", all day and all night. When you're at the beach and your four-year old says, "I really need to go to the bathroom", you can just pick him up and run to your room!

    Our absolute favorite place to stay is the Comfort Inn Boardwalk (5th st. and the Boards). A great location, the place is clean, has great service, a kitchenette and a private oceanfront balcony, directly overlooking the boards. When the kids hit the sack (more like, pass out from exhaustion), the wife and I crack open some brews and just hang out on the balcony, watching the ever amusing boardwalk nightlife scene unfold below us. Relaxing and fun. Oh, and you also get a free "continental breakfast" every morning, and free coffee 24/7. As a parent of young children, having access to free coffee is absolutely essential!

    Oceanfront rooms are little pricey ($275/night in mid-August), but it's really not that much more from what you paid for your condo. We usually go in the very beginning of the off-season (May or late Sept.), when the prices are a little lower.

    In any event, it looks like you made a good choice. Enjoy your time at the beach!

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    JJ WALTERS: We experienced our 1st trip to OC last August. Stayed Oceanfront 27th st. Way too far from the happenin' part of the boards. This year we're also staying at the Comfort Inn. Can't wait. I'm so glad to hear good comments about this hotel. We absolutely loved OC. We are going Sept 16-21

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    I recommend the Towers, 29th ST. only three blocks from the can park and walk anywhere!! They are all 2 BDRM 2 Bath Units right on the Beach!! Email me at for more info.

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    When I was growing up we use to go to OC every year and stay in the condos way up on 120th st. and up. I thought it was the best and never thought I would stay any place else.

    Now we stay on the boards and have for the last 20 years. We have 10 of us that go Me, hubby, 2 kids, Bro-in-law, his wife, 2 kids, and mom/dad in law.
    For years we have stayed in the Santa Maria, not the newest or nicest place but it was clean and convient.and inexpensive. We got three ocean front rooms side by side, mid-July and loved it at night we would sit on the balconies and talk back and forth and sit and people watch. This was terrific because when the kids were little they would zonk out and us adults could still be up late on the balconies enjoying ourselves. But 3 years ago they tore that down and have had problems finding a place that suites us since. Last two years we have stayed on 10th st. at the Americana, wasn't too found of it, to be able to get a price to what we were paying in July for the Santa Maria we had to go in June. Well did not care for that at all, it was Senior week and the weather is pretty iffy. So this year we are actually going in August. We found a place on 9th st, Paradise Plaza the the prices are reduced earlier than anyone else starting Aug. 19th. It sounds like a nice place, so we will have to see. (By the way we actually did book this in Jan. so maybe next time you can keep that in mind, the earlier you book the less limited you are)
    Anyway I just wanted to give my two cents worth. To me it seems like yesterday that my kids were little too, just like yours, well now my two are teenages and my nieces are in their 20's. but we still all go as a family and have made numerous of memmories. We are always saying do you remember when we did this or did that!!! I do love being on the boardwalk. Most of the hotels have parking lots so you do not have to worry too much about finding a space, and if you do not want to move your car you do not have to, I have used the bus numorous of time to go to other places, Jolly Roger, Laser Tag, etc But I never worried about not finding a space if I did move my car.

    But just because I love being on the boardwalk does not mean I would not rule out any other location. I always say, I would love to go in Sept. and stay some other place, maybe on the bay side. But since my kids are still in school, I know I could never get away with going without them and I am not a fan of taking them out of school. So I guess I may have to wait about 5 more years for them to be out of high school/college. Then I might get to try it!!!

    Geez I didn't realize how long this was!!!!!!!! I better go.Good Luck and have a great time!!!!

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    You can find guests' reviews of a lot of the local hotels at I hope that they are useful to you.

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