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    Quote Originally Posted by ocmommom View Post
    there is a new high rise around 32 street oceanfront that allows pets...i cant think of the name.....
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    La Quinta's not oceanfront. It's a high rise???
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    Quote Originally Posted by tfunkhouser View Post
    I agree with ya Mommoo.
    OC is not pet friendly "in season" because of their pet laws. But why would you bring your pet to a strange place to sit in a room all day.
    I never understood that, I think it's more cruel to your pet to make then wait by the door while your at the beach/boardwalk all day.
    Interesting perspective, I think it's 100x more cruel to board your pet at some strange place where they think you abandoned them. I much prefer my dogs to be comfortably sleeping in my condo for a few hours while I am out and still having the ability to sleep in their own beds at night over leaving them with strangers for days on end.

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