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    1,700 + 380 = 2,080 Do the math (feel free to take off your shoes if you need to)
    As usual- no logic what so ever- just a bunch of name calling- but no one expects anything less from you...

    As Renee already pointed out- the author is using figures of what is on the market TODAY, not some made up figure of hypothetical future units- You are just twisting facts to try to support a "point".

    If you're going to include 380 units that are 2-5 years away from delivery (probably optimistic, and who knows- it might NEVER happen, not that it matters)- While your at it, why don't you just go ahead and include all of the people who will be putting their place on the market NEXT YEAR (just add another 800 units), and the next 3 years as well (2400 MORE units)- and all of the pending development of places that look like they just *might* be torn down to turn into condos- Don't forget the people who are thinking about selling, but haven't made up their mind... then there are close to 6,000+ units on the market! Yeah- nice logic.

    The article I posted today appeared in this week's edition of the Dispatch (here's an idea for you, some people read papers, and articles to LEARN NEW AND DIFFERENT IDEAS AND POINTS OF VIEW. WHAT A CONCEPT HUH??) so I guess someone a lot smarter then you had to think that some people just not you and Mink would have interest in this information. Guess it is you that just might be out of the news and information loop. Probably not the first time you have been a little behind the times.

    This article is not "new" or "different". Just b/c something appears on TV or in print, doesn't make it good journalism, or a good article- this is basically an article that has been written and re-written 100's of times by different people- and now written again by a lazy journalist who can't come up with something original to write this week, or is just trying to get a rise out of people- in your case, mission accomplished. The rest of the country already knows that the market has been correcting for the past year.

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    The 1,700 condominiums currently listed for sale in Ocean City do not include all of the development projects underway or in the planning pipeline, which will only add to growing inventory. For example, the resort’s Planning Commission on Wednesday approved site plans for the redevelopment of the old Ocean Plaza Mall property on 94th Street, which will add 380-plus units spread out over phases over the next five years or more.



    Guess now any story written that you don't agree with were done by a "lazy"
    journalist. What a horse's a** you are.

    What have you ever written Wolf besides BS????

    Blah.... Blah....Blah.......................

    I find the articles written in the Dispatch more useful and informative then the hot air coming from your mouth.

    Guess if anyone has any questions about OC or anything for that matter they should just contact you Wolf huh???

    I'm always wrong, the articles I post are always wrong, the authors and sources of any of these articles are always wrong. What are the chances of that being so?

    Did you ever consider the possibility Wolf that it is YOU that is wrong?
    Did you ever think that it just might be you that knows very little?

    When your MOM used to tell you that you were real bright, she was wrong.

    You are not. Everyone and everything written is wrong in Wolf's small simpleminded world.

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