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    Re: Coaches Corner Diner moving?

    Quote Originally Posted by christinec

    The Sea Bay paid competent people well in the past. Before the new ownership, the employees had paid vacation, sick days, 401K and medical/vision. Now it's $8.00 an hour with a new front desk staff every summer.

    The late night venture did well selling beer. And yes, Mark did get the short end of the stick. I beg to disagree on the "thriving" part of the late night venture. Martin did not stay open late at night because it wasn't cost effective.
    I am fully aware of what the previous MGMT under Delgado ownership paid and offered in benefits. No one except upper MGMT received a 401k or paid vacation and sick days. The health plan offered under both previous and current owners is/was lacking and is/was nothing to crow about.

    I can assure you that Penny was a terrible hotel MGR and stole from Mr Delgado by trading and discounting rooms to various clubs in town, for their bands to stay at the hotel in exchange for gift cards which she used for personal gain. Unfortunately Mr Delgado was an absentee owner and the MGMT company he hired in Silver Spring, MD to oversee the property was incompetent.

    $8 an hour is what most businesses in town pay for bodies to fill jobs. These people are either not deserving of more money or have yet to prove their worth. Penny and Buddy started people for less when they were running things under the previous ownership. The current owners pay some people over $10 an hour, those that deserve it.

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    Re: Coaches Corner Diner moving?

    I agree Terp. It seems like this Martin guy is a LEGEND in Ocean City. He will definitely reopen somewhere and probably make a ton more money. From what his supporters say, his food is excellent, his place is clean and his restaurant is always packed. I don't think I've ever encountered a restaurant business that had these three attributes that wasn't successful, no matter where it was located. I just hope wherever he reopens it gets posted on here so I can go there when I am at the beach next time. I've never known of a person with this much support so he must have something going for him. I can't wait to dine at his next location.

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    Re: Coaches Corner Diner moving?

    The previous management under Dellaratta offered ALL front desk staff health & dental insurance, 401K, vacation and sick days. When a person was laid off, all they had to do was bring in check for the cost of their insurance premimum. This is FACT.

    When the new owners took over, they only offered "management" health insurance. And even then, if you were laid off for more than an month (because insurance premiums are paid monthly), they cancelled your insurance.

    What quality of worker can one expect for a paltry hourly wage and nothing else? This is why the turnover is enormous.

    Yes, $8.00 is what most businesses in town pay because they know there'll be enough foreigners to fill the positions. This is also why the "locals" come and go. They know they can get another low paying job anywhere. How much time and resources are wasted each summer training and retraining staff? How is this beneficial to the tourists? How can one run a business with 3 front desk managers in less than 1 year?

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