Concealed knife

Concealed knife

(Jan. 11, 2013) An 18-year-old Selbyville, Del., woman was charged Jan. 5 with having a concealed dangerous weapon and possession of marijuana.

An Ocean City police officer who had been doing paperwork while parked in the bus lane at about 11:45 a.m. pulled over the driver of a Kia Kio in the adjacent lane because she did not pull over into another lane as required by state law to provide increased safety to law enforcement personnel, firefighters and emergency service personnel. There was room for the driver to change lanes, the officer wrote in the charging document.

As he approached the Kia, the officer detected the odor of marijuana. He had the driver and passenger exit the vehicle and sit on the curb. Frisking the passenger, Chanel Ajee Handy, the officer found a utility knife in her right front pocket.

Handy reportedly said she carried the knife with her all the time. Searching the car, the officer found a burnt marijuana cigarette on the seat where Handy had been sitting.

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  1. Why was the cop abusing the bus lane ? They issue tickets all the time to people stopping in the lane so why can they abuse it?
    Paper work can be done in a vacant parking lot or at the station.
    The Ocean City police department is overly aggressive, cant wait to leave this dump.
    Tourist’s stay away come on vacation go home on probation!


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